Reading with Writers

“Sheree Fitch’s presentation was truly a gift for our school. With such limited funds, this kind of inspirational speaker is not always easy for us to arrange. Sheree was so compelling when talking about writing and she really encouraged the children to just pick up a pencil and write.”

Mary-Ann Brown
Principal at Douglas Road Elementary School


Reading with Writers reaches K-12 students at schools in need and ignites a passion for reading and writing.

We bring authors directly into the classroom, allowing students to engage with their favorite writers, discover new books and learn what it is like to be a writer firsthand. For most children, this is their first experience meeting an author and receiving a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a book. It is an inspiring experience that sparks student's imaginations and shows them that anyone can be a writer.

“During his classroom visit, Lee Edward Fodi shared his evolution as a writer, which began during his childhood, growing up on a farm. By doing this, the students were able to see that the imaginations of writers' start early and that they too have the potential to become authors one day! The students were keenly interested—not only because Lee was revealing and humorous—but because they could relate to him. The visit ended with the students sharing some of their own stories and artwork, which provided them with the opportunity to receive meaningful feedback, while feeling proud of their endeavors.

Kim Kucille
Teacher at Sir Alexander Mackenzie School

Grades K–2 Annie Barrows: Tues afternoon or Wednesday (anytime)
Grades 2–3  Kathy Stinson: Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday (anytime)
Grades 4–5  Cary Fagan: Wednesday or Thursday (anytime)
Grades 6–7  Deborah Ellis: Tuesday morning or Wednesday afternoon

Grades 8–9  Maureen Johnson: Tuesday morning or Wednesday morning
Grades 9–10  Maggie Stiefvater:  Tuesday morning or Wednesday afternoon
Grade 10  Don Calame: Tuesday or Wednesday (anytime)
Grades 11–12  Teresa Toten: Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday (anytime)

If you are a teacher at a school in need,  call Ilona Beiks, Education Coordinator @ 604-215-9726 to book a classroom visit.


Reading with Writers is made possible by a generous sponsorship from HSBC Bank Canada.