Incite: February 11

7:30pm on Wednesday, February 11, 2015
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Alice MacKay room, Central Library

The Writers

John Vaillant

John Vaillant’s first book, The Golden Spruce, was a national bestseller and won the Governor General’s Literary Award for Non-Fiction, the Pearson Writer’s Trust Non-Fiction Award and the Roderick Haig Brown Regional Prize. The Tiger was also a national bestseller, as well as a Canada Reads selection, a Globe and Mail Best Book, and winner of the BC National Award for Canadian Non-Fiction, among other awards. He lives in Vancouver. His first work of fiction is The Jaguar’s Children.

The Jaguar's Children
Hector is trapped. The water truck, sealed to hide its human cargo, has broken down. The coyotes have taken all the passengers’ money for a mechanic and have not returned. Those left behind have no choice but to wait. Over four days, as water and food run low, Hector tells how he came to this desperate place. His story takes us from Oaxaca — its rich culture, its rapid change — to the dangers of the border.

Marianne Apostolides

Marianne Apostolides is the author of five books and one play. She's a recent recipient of the Chalmers Arts Fellowship and her previous book, Voluptuous Pleasure, was listed among the Top 100 Books of 2012 by the Globe and Mail. She lives in Toronto. Her latest novel is Sophrosyne.

In this provocative new novel about desire and restraint in a digital age, 21-year-old Alex is consumed by the elusive problem of sophrosyne (one of only four virtues identified by Socrates) for reasons he cannot share with others. While Alex's philosophy professor believes studying it will help shed light on the malaise of our era, Alex hopes it will release him from his darkly disturbing relationship with his mother. 

Alix Hawley

Alix Hawley is the author of a story collection, The Old Familiar and a new novel All True Not a Lie in It. Her short fiction has won accolades from the CBC Canada Writes competition, and "Pig For Oma" won first prize in the 2014 Bloodlines contest. Hawley lives in Kelowna.

All True Not a Lie in It
Told in his inimitable, haunting voice, All True Not a Lie in It hinges on Daniel Boone’s captivity by the Shawnee during the Revolutionary War, after the kidnapping and rescue of one child and the murder of another. Hawley has masterfully imagined the experience of settling America through the eyes and the heart of one of its most famous settlers.

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